World Ocean Simulation System (WOSS) library

WOSS changelog:

PLEASE NOTE: WOSS is in its development stage, API changes will be limited at minimum, but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • v1.0.0
    • release version
  • v1.0.1
  • v.1.1.0
  • v.1.2.0
    • woss::RandomGenerator : bug fixed
    • woss::WossManagerResDbMT : some bugs fixed in thread allocation
    • woss::ACToolboxWoss : bug fixed
    • woss::ResTimeArrBinDb, woss::ResTimeArrBinDbCreator, woss::ResPressureBinDb, woss::ResPressureBinDbCreator : classes for storing computed results in a binary file
    • ChannelEstimator, ChannelEstimatorPlugin : now works with MAC address instead of IP address to permit power control at MAC level. This now requires that only the MLL ARP table has to be filled instead of routing tables and ARP tables. Space sampling capability added
    • woss::Transducer : transducer definitions added
    • woss::TransducerHandler : transducer handler definitions added
    • woss::BellhopWoss : addded beam pattern capabilities
    • woss::BellhopCreator : added custom beam pattern capabilities
    • woss::Location : default comparison_distance value changed, added support for dinamic vertical beam pattern orientation
    • WossPosition, WossWpPosition : added support for dynamic vertical beam pattern orientation
    • UnderwaterMPhyBpsk : some tcl variables RENAMED
      See also
      UnderwaterMPhyBpsk, tcl samples
    • UwMPhyBpskTransducer, WossMPhyBpsk : added support for woss::Transducer, to properly simulate SPL and energy consumption
    • added beam pattern description of BTech, ITC, ITT, RESON transducers
      See also
    • test_aloha_no_dbs.tcl, test_aloha_with_dbs.tcl : now channel estimation process properly works
    • new tcl sample added
      See also
      samples subdirectory
    • doxygen basic samples page removed, all the comments are inline within the tcl files
    • NOTE: from version 1.2.0, the standard configuration of MIRACLE's MIV interface retrieves multiple arrivals from WOSS and computes interference using a Gaussian model or, equivalently, by summing all taps related to the interferers the same way as in Bellhop's "incoherent mode". In addition, if the interference level varies throughout the duration of a packet, the typically different error rates that result are separately accounted for in the computation of the overall packet error rate. This is the default version now.
      This change has been applied as part of the work for the CLAM project, funded by the European Commission, G.A. 258359.
      Credits to Roberto Petroccia, University of Rome, for helping with the implementation.

  • v.1.3.0
    • WossChannelModule : channel_eq_time_, channel_eq_snr_threshold_db_ and channel_symbol_time_ introduced, channel_time_resolution_ removed
      • the channel now coherently sums all taps at channel_symbol_resolution_
      • the attenuation threshold in db is calculated from channel_eq_snr_threshold_db_
      • the first tap that has txloss less or equal than the attenuation threshold is found. If the threshold is less than 0 then the threshold is set to 0, and the first tap is taken.
      • then all taps after the above tap + channel_equalization_time_ are incoherently summed if channel_eq_time_ == 0 no eq is done. if channel_eq_time_ < 0 then all taps are incoherently summed
      • all taps after channel_eq_time_ are not processed
      • See also
        WossChannelModule, tcl samples
    • Altimetry modeling has been introduced:
    • time evolution support has been added for the whole framework.
  • v.1.3.1
    • TCL dependancies have been moved to WossPhy library, leaving main library libWoss free of any unwanted dependancy
  • v.1.3.2
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.3.3
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.3.4
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.3.5
    • UwmStd library has been moved into NS-Miracle for a better compatibility with DESERT framework
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.3.6
    • compilation warnings removal
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.3.7
    • warnings system revised.
    • tcl warnings removed
    • bug fixes (thanks to Raúl Sáez Cañete)
  • v.1.3.8
    • minor bug fixes
    • license changed to GPLv2
  • v.1.3.9
    • minor bug fixes
    • syntax now compliant with C++11 standard
  • v.1.4.0
    • minor bug fixes
  • v.1.5.0
    • memory leak fixed (thanks to Raúl Sáez Cañete)
    • new bathymetry write mode introduced (thanks to Randall Plate)
    • new attenuation complex tap calculation introduced:
      • travel time phase is now properly used
      • a bellhop arr file syntax option has been introduced, in order to make WOSS work with both acoustic tool box >= 16 Aug 2016 and previous versions.
      • BE ADVISED THAT factory value is using the latest syntax (i.e. acoustic toolbox >= 16 Aug 2016)
  • v.1.5.1
    • gcc-6 warning removal
  • v.1.6.0
    • bug fix in volumetrical attenuation computations
    • new APIs introduced
  • v.1.6.1
    • LICENSE revised
  • v.1.6.2
    • bug fix in box_depth and box_range for ns2 tcl hooks
  • v.1.7.0
  • v.1.8.0
  • v.1.9.0
    • Added support for NetCDF4 and HDF5, which is required in order to open_ the latest GEBCO 2019 database.
    • A new bellhop arr file syntax option has been introduced, in order to be aligned with Acoustic Toolbox >= 31 March 2019.
    • BE ADVISED THAT factory value is using the latest syntax (i.e. acoustic toolbox >= 31 March 2019)
    • Credits to Randall Plate for helping with the implementation.
    • WossDb GEBCO has been refactored in order to support 2D netcdf format.
    • Bug fixes and improvements in woss::ACToolboxWoss and woss::BellhopWoss
  • v.1.10.0
    • Added support for SSP NetCDF4 databases generated from WOA2013 dataset.
    • Fix for Bellhop quad SSP scenario.
  • v.1.11.0
    • Added support for SSP NetCDF4 databases generated from WOA2018 and WOA2001 dataset.
    • Fix for woss::BellhopWoss ray angles env file write operation.
    • Added support for Bellhop latest shade file reader syntax.
  • v.1.12.0
    • Added support for DECK41V2 databases in NetCDF4 format with revised data format.
    • Added support for GEBCO 2020 database.
    • Added support for autotools tests, installation procedure has been updated.
    • Fix for woss::BellhopWoss SSP max depth.
  • v.1.12.1
  • v.1.12.2
    • Fixed issue with SSP::truncate c+11 syntax
  • v.1.12.3
    • New geographical to cartesian conversion model, based on spherical, GRS80 and WGS84 models
  • v.1.12.4
    • Added support for GEBCO 2022
    • Fixed TCL samples
    • Refactor of function member's static variables in order to guarantee re-entrancy
    • Fixed bug with WossDbManager
    • Added TCL debug capabilities to Altimetry classes
    • Refactored usage of streams' precision throughout the whole framework
  • v.1.12.5
    • minor fixes to ns-Miracle classes
  • v.1.12.6
    • fixed gcc-13 warnings
    • TCL examples updated to GEBCO 2023
    • removed warning in woss::BellhopWoss
    • changed URL of main WOSS website